First Layer Power Grid L/Sleeve

This new lightweight Polartec® base layer fabric has been created for maximum thermal efficiency. The tufted next to skin fleece grids emulate the old string singlet concept of slowing the loss of heat by creating a slow moving air zone around your body. The bi-component spun and filament polyester combination structure makes sure the fibre touching your skin remains as dry and any excess moisture is wicked to the outer layer where it is spread across a wide area for fast drying. The wide open weave gives maximum breathability during exercise. In cold conditions the heat loss is contained by a light windproof garment over the fabric. Worn in conjunction with a windproof this Power Grid® fabric has over twice the thermal efficiency of a standard base layer in the same weight. This grid construction with a bi-component polyester yarn combination creates its own category when it comes to lightweight warmth and moisture management. It is a true circuit breaker in the quest for performance. The addition of spandex gives this fabric a comfortable four way stretch. Like all our Polartec® bi-component polyester fabrics it washes odour free. Garments have a close athletic fit.

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High crew neck for men.

Distinctive soft grid next to skin surface.

Comfortable thermal wear even during high intensity activity.

Bi-component construction for efficient wicking and fast drying.

Close athletic fit


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Average Weight 180g
Made In New Zealand

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