Prolite Trouser
Prolite® Trousers dry quickly, are no-iron to back from prolonged episodes inside the duffle bag or hostel sink washings, and will withstand the wear and tear expected of everyday wear. Prolite® is comfortable in hot, humid climates and the lycra component provides uninhibited movement. Designed to work as well at a formal dinner as walking in the back country these high performance pants will take you to the ends of the earth in comfort.

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  • Vertical front hand pockets
  • Zip-up passport pocket at the top right hand thigh
  • Two button-up pockets on back
  • Standard waist height

Additional Information

Fabric 140 gram Prolite®
Average Weight 330g
Made In New Zealand

Warm machine wash, mild detergent. Make sure detergent fully dissolved in the water before adding clothes. Separate dark colours. Low spin to prevent fabric stretch. Do not tumble dry, Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Avoid all temptation to iron as creases will fall out with body heat after a few minutes wear. If you absolutely must iron use a very low “touchable” heat. Do not dry clean. Allow up to 3% shrinkage in length of trousers. We recommend you wash your trousers first before shortening.


Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

You've ruined me
I've had a pair of these in the coffee colour for over 4 years now (2010-2014). They are my favourites by far and I have worn them almost constantly for much of this time. I don't know if I can go back to any other pants again. I love the colour because they hide the dirt/kid snot/food so well. And if not hidden I can just wipe with a wet cloth and keep going.

They are very lightweight and baggy which means cool enough even for 40+ weather we have here in Adelaide (as long as I wear sandals instead of enclosed shoes). I also don't have trouble wearing them through winter in Adelaide, but it only gets down to 10 or so. I did however wear them for a 3 week trip to Nepal in winter (not the mountains though!) and wore them the whole time with thermals underneath. Even with thermals I had plenty of freedom to move.

After all my use and abuse they are starting to show some scuffiness around the knees, and the waist has stretched a bit meaning that when I have heavy keys/wallet in my pockets they tend to sag a bit. I love the deep pockets too by the way. My only wish is that the waist was reinforced with some other material than prolite so they didn't stretch as much and held up better over the long haul (I never wear a belt with them).

I have also bought a pair of latte coloured ones, which have never seen as much use as my coffee ones. The main problem is that when they get splashed with water they change colour too much and show the parts which are wet. Especially embarrassing when you've just come out of the toilet and the splashes from the sink make it look like you missed at the toilet! They have also developed some stains which I have not been able to remove yet.

I also have a jean-like cut of prolite pants (which I don't think they make anymore) from ESS in the charcoal colour. The charcoal doesn't hide the kid snot/food as well as the coffee. And I miss the deep pockets in these ones.

Bottom line: If you ever decide to discontinue this pant please let me know so I can stock up on the coffee coloured ones! Review by secateurs / (Posted on 12/11/2014)
They're for EVERYTHING
Before my involvement with Earth Sea Sky I was fortunate to stumble across the ‘prolite’ material trousers that they manufacture. Up until then I almost exclusively wore canvas material trousers, but once I made the transition I felt enlightened. The light and comfortable material is unbelievably durable, with my solitary pair of prolite trousers surviving an almost disgusting amount of use from 2008 until mid 2013, including 4 tours of the USA and an expedition to Papua New Guinea where they were my only pair of bottoms for on and off the river. Personally I wore, and still wear, them for everything, from hiking my kayak into the most remote rivers in New Zealand, expeditions and even to semi-formal functions. They really are that transferable in their functionality and appearance. Cool enough for summer but they insulate enough for some winter function and still tidy enough to combine with a good shirt to make those social appearance we’re obliged to make from time to time. They certainly do it all for me. Review by Jordan / (Posted on 10/02/2014)
Trusty Prolites
Just wanted to say what a great pair of pants I have found your mens prolite trs (coffee coloured) to be. They started life 5 years ago, I got married in them.. it was not a formal suit type of wedding. Worn them to work heaps (high school science teacher), ideal on the bike commute as they're stretchy and have good pockets for keys. They've done a few kms in the backcountry on those 'a bit chilli for shorts days'. This year they've been my main pants on two two month overseas trips; one to Laos, China and Japan and the other trip was through Europe and Turkey. In Turkey my wife looked at them and said we'll have to get you some new clothes (they probably wouldn't do the, as the website puts it, "work at formal diner" thing anymore). My response was that I was going to buy a new pair of these, giving the trusty earthseas a shake. Review by Tony / (Posted on 13/12/2013)

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