Fully waterproof jacket ideal for all alpine pursuits. The Zeal is uses two weights of Gelanots® with heavy duty on the high wear points (shoulders, elbows, and lower back) and the lighter weight ripstop throughout the rest, giving you the best of both worlds, the lightest garment possible without compromising durability. Harness-friendly chest pockets means easy access to essentials throughout the day without having to stop and take your pack off. The large, helmet compatible hood stows into the collar providing protection with visability when you need it and gets it out of your way when you don't.

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  • Fabric combination of 3-layer 125 gram and 160 gram Gelanots®
  • 160 gram Gelanots® on shoulders, elbows and lower back for durability when wearing a pack
  • 125 gram Gelanots® on rest of jacket to keep the jacket as light as possible
  • Bottom opening front zip
  • Waterproof internal chest pocket
  • Tuck-away hood designed to fit a helmet
  • Hood has three adjustment points - cinch cord to pull firm on top, cinch cords around face to pull tight and hook/loop flap on back
  • Hood has wire visor
  • Elasticised cuff with hook/loop closures for a customised fit
  • Waist draw cord operated from chest pockets
  • Single-handed cinch cords on hem

Additional Information

Fabric Combination of 3-layer 125 gram and 160 gram Gelanots®
Average Weight 630g
Made In New Zealand

Gelanots®, Entrant® D-EV, Entrant® GII XTH and Entrant® DT 2.5

Warm hand wash for best garment life. Use pure soap or mild detergent. We have tested and recommend Lux flakes, Sunlight soap, or Persil Sensitive. Lux and Sunlight soap need to be fully dissolved in hot water before converting it to warm. Do not use bleach. Rinse well to remove all residues. Do not wring. Drip dry in the shade to minimise UV exposure. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron may be used to rejuvenate the exterior DWR* coating. Do not dry clean.

Keeping waterproof breathable garments clean will increase their lifespan. During normal wear, dirt, salts and oils from contact with the skin will accumulate on the inside surface. This will show as a dark stain on the mesh, especially around the neck and hood. If left over an extended period of time, this may contaminate the laminate or coating and cause irreversible damage to the jacket. To prevent this happening the garment should be washed at least once a year and more often if worn regularly. Hanging up garments in dry well ventilated areas will prevent mildew building up on the fabric’s underside. Avoid all contact with solvents and chemicals, accidental contact should be washed off as soon as possible.

Waterproof/Breathable Fabric Performance Overview:

To ensure your garment breathes to its full potential it is important to maintain the water repellency of the outside surface. It is also important when you are physically active to wear as many non moisture absorbing layers as possible underneath the jacket. If you wear natural fibres (merino or cotton) keep them as light as possible and reduce the number of layers you use. For maximum breathability we recommend faster drying non moisture absorbing polyester fabrics for your thermal layers.

All waterproof breathable fabrics require regular cleaning. Jackets should be washed once a year and if worn regularly, you should wash them more often than this. A jacket may look clean on the outside but the most harmful contamination occurs from direct skin contact. The neck and hood regions are the most susceptible to this. Over time contamination from the skin will weaken the glue that holds the laminated layers together or the bonding between a coating and its outer fabric. This can cause irreversible damage and reduce the functional lifespan of the garment. Two-layer fabrics with an exposed underside are very susceptible to this and need more cleaning than three-layer fabrics. There is no need to overwash your waterproof garments. A quick hand wash of a jackets neck and hood region maybe all that is required to maintain its cleanliness and prolong it's life. Wearing collared garments or bandanas around the neck reduces the risk of contamination and the need to clean the garment as often. If the primary use of the jacket is to be worn while carrying a heavy backpack we would recommend using the heavier more durable mesh backed three-layer fabrics.

* DWR is the Durable Water Repellant coating on the outside of the garment’s face fabric. It is an important part of the garment’s performance as it allows water to bead off the surface. This maximises the breathability. DWR coating is applied as a specialised process during the manufacturing of the fabric. Over time it can wear down. When this happens the outside fabric will ‘wet out’ making it feel cold and clammy. In this state breathability is impeded.

The DWR can be rejuvenated by the use of a cool iron after washing. After extended use, a complete re-application of this will enhance the performance of your jacket. We have developed our own DWR treatment, a solvent based, environmentally friendly, flouropolymer spray called Gecko Guard. After testing water based DWR products we decided we needed a more durable, more effective product for our garments. We believe Gecko Guard is the best aftercare DWR treatment available.


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Worthy Investment
I bought my Zeal jacket five years ago as my go-to-all-purpose skiing, cycling, tramping and commuting jacket.

The first trip it came on was a week long ski touring trip on Tasman Glacier. Of the 6 people on the trip, two others both had Zeal Jackets much older than mine and both swore by them. I really appreciated the high chest pockets that are accessible with a harness on and the generous hood that fits over a helmet.

It's always great to support a New Zealand brand that manufactures onshore and understands New Zealand conditions. It's also very handy for those of us that are hard on our gear too. When my zip broke after years of faithful service, I sent it back to the factory where it was made and it was soon back with me good as new.

On a recent tramp I misplaced my favourite jacket and have been faced with replacing it. After doing some research and talking to a number of outdoor enthusiast friends I've made the decision to get another Zeal jacket and I couldn't be happier! Review by DavidR / (Posted on 17/09/2014)

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